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Real-time media for POS digital display

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Digital data, physical presence


How it works

VyuDisplay is a computer vision device and display screen that can analyse its viewers and adapt its advertising output in real time.

VyuDisplay can be thought of as a VyuPoint that is connected to digital signage. It uses the same computer vision platform as VyuPoint to identify the gender, age, and emotion of customers, only this device also triggers a tailored marketing ad to run for that specific group. It logs and delivers the same customer analytics data through the mobile or web application, while also adapting your advertising output to be tailored to each of your customer groups in real-time.


VyuDisplay users including marketing and content teams can identify their customer groups, and upload advertisements corresponding to each of the intended audiences through our online content management system (CMS). These customers groups can vary by gender, age, and emotion of customers, or a combination of these variables (ie. Female Age 20-30, Men Age 65+, Female Smiling, etc.). We are also able to integrate into your team’s existing CMS to pull corresponding content for each of your targetted customer groups.

VyuDisplay requires attachment of a digital display through HDMI input. VyuDisplay can be purchased with a 10 inch “shelf-talker” display, or we can connect to your existing screens through HDMI. 

You can purchase an off-the-shelf VyuDisplay with our 10’’ display, or the hardware device can be integrated into a variety of custom housing configurations to fit your POS display solutions (VyuDisplay Flex).


82% of buying decisions are made in store


What you get



  • VyuDisplay hardware, software, and housing 

  • 10 Inch Display 

  • Mains Power Cable for VyuDisplay

  • Display Connections for VyuDisplay (HDMI cable)

  • Internet Connection (Cat 5 or Wifi)

  • Secure login details for your Vyu account

  • Directions on how to access your Vyu iOS/ Android mobile application account

  • Directions on how to access your Vyu web application account

  • Operating and troubleshooting instructions

  • Remote Technical support


VyuDisplay Flex

In additional to all of the VyuDisplay components listed above, the VyuDisplay Flex program includes:

  • Dedicated liaison with the Vyu design team to customise your VyuDisplay housing for your own third-party screens / digital signage

  • End-to-end integration solution of the VyuDisplay devices into your retail design components


What can it do for my business?


VyuDisplay offers the strengths of targeted advertising to influence purchasing decisions right at the physical point of sale. Demographic targeting in a physical space helps pinpoint and adapt user behaviour, empowering the customer about a product that better fits their needs and driving sales.


Here’s some ideas to help inspire you on how VyuDisplay could benefit your business.


VyuDisplays integrated into the Beauty & Cosmetics department, where a user's buying decisions are heavily dependent on age and gender


VyuDisplay connected to storefront window displays to enhance the relevance of the highlighted products to passing traffic and therefore increase traffic in store 


VyuDisplay integrated into point-of-sales systems to display relevant advertisements or upsell opportunities to the customer at checkout

VyuDisplay installed in the Wine / Liquor department, where buying decisions often depend on education of product and price range (ie. younger people tending towards lower prices). 

The opportunity to sell advertising space at an increased value to multiple brands during the same time slot in store, as brands will be able to target their intended audience. 


Can my VyuDisplay system still deliver the analytics to my mobile or web application, like VyuPoint?

Yes! We know how important customer data is, it’s at the heart of everything we do. We have created a solution for VyuPoint and VyuDisplay integration, where you can both trigger tailored advertisements to your customers as well as collect the data (gender, age, and emotional response) on their engagement experience.