Big Data, No Fuss

Meet VyuPoint. A simple way to understand the people that matter most


Know Your Audience


How it works

VyuPoint uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to analyse people’s faces and expressions anonymously and securely in real-time.

Once a face of the customer has been “seen” by the device camera it is immediately analysed using Vyu’s software and given a value of age, gender, emotional state and time spent in view.

Once the visitor has left the camera view, anonymous textual data including the gender, age, emotional response, and dwell time of the individual is sent to the Vyu database on a secure online server.


The Big Picture View
General Mood, Dwell time and Age

The Zoomed Audience View
Emotional and Gender breakdown

Deep Dive Daily Analysis
Engagement per Hour, Per Day

The All-important Summary
See people flows through the week


VyuPoint users can access and analyse their valuable customer demographic data from one or multiple VyuPoint devices through our iOS application and web interface.

A single VyuPoint device can measure and analyse an area of your store. If you have a larger space, you can install multiple VyuPoint devices, whose data will all be integrated into one user account.


What can it do for my business?


VyuPoint is designed to be used by any business that wants to learn more about how its customers interact with a physical space. From large retailers to pop-up exhibits, VyuPoint shows you what’s hot and what’s not amongst certain buying groups. Look at it like instant marketing research 24/7.


Here’s some ideas to help inspire you on how VyuPoint could benefit your business.


Commissioning window display but not sure what works? Measure people’s interaction with each part of your window to see if people really engage. Does a more engaging window display then drive traffic and sales in store?


Not sure which promotional material to run in store? Run an A/B test in a pilot store to allow your team to disseminate the right material to the right stores.


Cross reference VyuPoint data (gender, age, emotional response) in store with your sales and revenue data. Do certain times of the day correspond to higher revenue amongst specific buying groups? How can you then better cater to these groups.


Install multiple VyuPoints to your store to create analytical “heat maps” and learn more about how people interact with your space and adapt dead spots in your store.


Measure sentiment at checkout to understand if your retail experience is having the desired effect on your customers.


Flexible to fit anywhere


What you get in the box

VyuPoint is designed from the ground up to provide a complete solution to understanding customers. Each order provides everything you need to immediately begin learning more about what works and what doesn’t in your space. Your order includes:

  • VyuPoint Device

  • Mains Power Cable for VyuPoint Device

  • Internet connection cable (Cat 5)

  • Secure login details for your VyuPoint account

  • Operating instructions

  • Directions on how to download your VyuPoint iOS analytics application

  • Directions on how to access your VyuPoint Web Interface (from Mid-2019)


VyuPoint records no video - keeping your customer privacy promise top priority.


Some of our competitors store video which brings unnecessary privacy concerns into play. VyuPoint stores nothing on the device or server.


Data is streamed to our server for anonymised display on iOS, Android or online from any location.


Intelligence not intrusion


Big data, low cost

VyuPoint is priced to fit seamlessly with your business structure.

Start from just 90 USD Per Month*