Engagement 24/7

Reactive AR display for retail storefronts


How it works

VyuAR provides a dynamic augmented reality window display to enhance engagement both with passing foot traffic and customers in store, by adding a layer of digital content between them.

VyuAR operates on a dedicated TV display device and a BroadcastAR camera setup fitted to the rear of the device.

The VyuAR display broadcasts the camera view of the store interior, creating a “transparent screen” effect. No customer download is required.

VyuAR overlays two and three dimensional content to augment the view of the store interior, engaging customers with offers, brand promotions and more in real time.

The content can be adapted, updated and manipulated via an online Content Management System.


What can it do for my business?

VyuAR is designed to facilitate customer engagement using dynamic digital content, driving traffic inside stores to increase sales and customer awareness.

VyuAR is designed to augment a physical display, not replace it, adding three dimensional promotion layers to the window but also across the entire view of the store itself. VyuAR allows retailers to:

  • Superimpose digital pricing offers over physical objects and products.

  • Tailor offers depending on time of day or integrate with VyuDisplay to provide target digital promotion based on age, gender and emotional state.

  • Integrate brand promotions across store wide networks at touch of button.

  • Promote elements that are placed across the store.


No Download
Get interaction with everyone 24/7

Bring digital to your store
Overlay digital offers on physical products

Increase media space
Give your brands increased prominence

Manage Remotely
Manage a display through online CMS


What you get in the box

VyuAR offers a unique opportunity to overlay digital content on the physical environment to create a three-dimensional promotional space.

  • VyuAR Display Hardware (Various Sizes Available from 70 inch Display onward).

  • VyuAR Display Software.

  • Operating instructions.

  • Directions on how to access your VyuDisplay Web Interface (from Mid-2019).

  • Online Interface Login.