Engagement 24/7

Reactive AR display for retail storefronts


Interaction on tap

VyuAR is a standalone AR display system placing immersive, dynamically controlled, 2D and 3D content on top of your retail window display.

VyuAR is designed to seamlessly integrate with physical objects and amplify engagement with products and offers to drive traffic into the store.


Standalone AR, Device Free

VyuAR provides a holographic, three-dimensional layer on retail window displays to increase engagement without the need for downloads or customer action.

The download free nature of the system offers 24/7 engagement of passing traffic - negating the need for application creation and downloads in an age where people are increasingly protective of their mobile space.




No Download
Get interaction with everyone 24/7


Bring digital to your store
Overlay digital offers on physical products


Increase media space
Give your brands increased prominence


Manage Remotely
Manage a display through online CMS


Multi-dimensional media

VyuAR offers a unique opportunity to overlay digital content on the physical environment to create a three-dimensional promotional space.

Integration of digital content on physical products adds a unique opportunity to create immersive, real-time data at the touch of a button. VyuAR offers brands the chance to showcase product information outside the store looking in.

Foot traffic in the store increased 30% from the start of the AR window installation.
— Jon Kubo, chief digital officer, Tilly’s

Control your network

VyuAR is managed remotely via a content management system that allows updates and adjustment 24/7 nationwide. 

VyuAR’s CMS allows adjustment media, demographic targeting sits alongside analytics data to give you an real time insight into usage store by store.