Big Data, No Fuss


 Meet VyuPoint. A simple way to understand the people that matter most


Know Your Audience

VyuPoint measures human engagement with any place or object 24/7. No clipboards, no research just a small device with big knowledge.

VyuPoint is built with next-generation computer vision technology to provide incredible levels of information about your customer and their journey in a simple palm-sized device and app.

VyuPoint offers you a chance to adapt your retail product, storefront display, visual showcase, or other offering based on quality validated feedback. It's time to learn more about what your customers really think about your retail experience.


A measured approach

VyuPoint measures people traffic, demographic, dwell time and their emotional engagement with your space.

VyuPoint's unique and continuous levels of anonymous data gathering offer a unique opportunity to dissect what works and what doesn't in your store.

Are customers upset, content, happy, or thrilled? Do you have a huge influx of a certain age group at a certain time of day so should adapt your offer? What happens at 4pm that suddenly sees a drop in mood in store and harms sales?

VyuPoint gives you the power you need to make decisions on improving customer positivity and driving sales.


The Big Picture View
General Mood, Dwell time and Age
The Zoomed Audience View
Emotional and Gender breakdown
Deep Dive Daily Analysis
Engagement per Hour, Per Day
The All-important Summary
See people flows through the week

Flexible to fit anywhere

VyuPoint fits in the palm of your hand.

The VyuPoint device takes up practically no space in your store, window or popup display.

Weighing less than a kilo, VyuPoint is designed to easily fix to any wall, frame or shop window display for instant usage using its magnetic latch system. 

Want to measure an alternative location? Unplug, refix, and you're ready to measure in minutes.


Information on the move

Each VyuPoint device delivers data in real-time to both an iOS app and a web interface to keep you connected to your product 24/7.

The VyuPoint app automatically receives your data, segmented by device location and delivers it to you in a simple to understand format while you’re on the move or in the office. Reporting is segmented to allow you to review and share past data.

VyuPoint’s optional web interface allows multiple user access for your team.

VyuPoint’s data can be downloaded by users for future reference - marketing meetings, sales stand-ups, and more!

Intelligence not intrusion
VyuPoint records no video  - keeping your customer privacy promise top priority.
Some of our competitors store video which brings unnecessary privacy concerns into play. VyuPoint stores nothing on the device or server.
Data is streamed to our server for anonymised display on iOS, Android or online from any location.
Big data, low cost

VyuPoint is priced to fit seamlessly with your business structure.

Start from just 90 USD Per Month*