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Real-time media for POS digital display

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Digital data, physical presence

VyuDisplay is revolutionary digital display device for dynamic POS advertising.

Powered by game-changing computer vision technology, VyuDisplay can deliver specific advertising to specific people depending on age, gender, emotional state or even identification of a family group. All in real time on store level nationwide.

With over 56%* of purchasing decisions made at the shelf, VyuDisplay highlights what people need right when they need it and allows brands to pinpoint specific people with specific messages to increase upsells.

VyuDisplay is standardised, adaptable and available in multiple sizes. The device can be mounted on main shelf displays, end-caps or even in standalone format for specific types of POS such as cash desks or window display,

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Right time, right place

VyuDisplay delivers media right at point of purchase.

The system can instantly assess the age, gender and state of a shopper and deliver targeted advertising to influence a potential sale right at point of purchase.

VyuDisplay allows brands to focus their content on targets to avoid intuition-based media choices and increase sales in chosen demographics right at the point of purchase. A/B testing live in-store of brands and retailers even more insight into how effective their display advertising is when shown to real customers at point of purchase.


Targeted demographic advertising
increases sales


Directly influence the shopper right at time of purchase


Get better returns than static single-use static or digital advertising displays


Remove costly print and install costs for traditional hoardings and POS display

A targeted display ad will encourage 1,000 percent more people to search for a product.

Content on Demand

Our online lives give us diverse content to make informed decisions. Why not in-store?

VyuDisplay is designed to deliver static product shots, pre-existing online or TVC content along with longer format content such as recipe ideas. These can be targeted to specific demographics to generate larger sales from each group of customers visiting your store via a simple CMS system.

VyuDisplay seamlessly arms customers with the media they need to make an informed decision. 


VyuDisplay plays long and short form content as well as traditional
static imagery

Tailor types of advertising content for certain demographics to increase engagement

Turn display screens into dynamic
new upsell opportunities driving sales

Display huge ranges
of content from ads to
recipes to how-tos instantly

82% of buying decisions are made in store

Manage your Network

While VyuDisplay sits compactly on any shelf its media management remains online to provide access 24/7 for updates and more.

VyuDisplay’s online interface allows upload of content and targeting all from an simple, easy to access portal customised for you.

  • Fit to any retail display from Grocery to Fashion retail
  • Manage demographic targeting centrally online
  • Upload standard content right from your desktop
  • Access analytics to explore engagement and monitor A/B testing
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Analytics 24/7

VyuDisplay’s online portal puts in-store engagment analytics right at your fingertips using VyuPoint technology.

Monitor engagement data per device or per store to measure exactly how you are influencing people to make better buying decisions and begin to understand why demographics are not receptive to certain marketing tactics and displays.

  • Access store level analytics 24/7

  • Use next generation computer vision to understand your audience without app downloads of cumbersome market research processes

  • Learn from campaigns in real time and make your promotion more effective.