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VyuFinder augments and empowers the customer experience in-store. 

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Drive discovery

VyuFinder is a dynamic AR wayfinding and product discovery tool for retail

Built using next-generation augmented reality technology, VyuFinder offers a transformational approach to how customers navigate both stores and products alike.

VyuFinder operates on mobile devices and in-store physical displays. Both form factors offer an opportunity for the customer to navigate to specific products in-store and then simultaneously use product packaging to unlock a huge range of content. From recipe ideas, to complimentary products, via AR configurators, VyuFinder drives informed engagement to help increase sales.



Omnichannel approach

VyuFinder’s product discovery platform is an omni-channel solution designed to maximise engagement - not exclude users that don’t have the right app, operating system or phone.

By offering a on-shelf engagement device alongside of mobile device integration, retailers can be sure that customers are empowered in every store, every time no matter what circumstances.




Real navigation for real needs

For customers schooled in online navigation, ease of access to info is just a click away. Phyiscal retail demands the same approach.

VyuFinder mobile offers instant augmented reality wayfinding that drives the customer right where they need to be.

Using the unique affordances of augmented reality customers are given a store level view of where to head, affording better guidance and offering potential upsell opportunity on the journey.

List and discovery tools embedded inside the mobile application as optional extras allow users to navigate to the products they need as part of their daily shopping routine.


Unlock digital content instantly

VyuFinder’s unique product recognition platform revolutionises how shoppers connect with products. Using logo, product and packaging recognition, customers can simply point their device at the product to unlock a huge range of information.

With a simple scan of product packaging VyuFinder offers users the chance to explore and discover rich streams of media content that will drive engagement and sales. From recipe ideas to complimentary product information via allergy advice and more, each scan of product empowers the customer to make better decisions.

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80% of customers prefer to receive assistance in navigating to an item using either their own mobile device or a kiosk
— deloitte
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Product-driven discovery

Packaging scans via either the mobile application or VyuFinder’s shelf based display can also trigger complimentary information and offers to increase the opportunity for upsell. With each product interlinked to others instore, VyuFinder provides a great opportunity to suggest a complimentary purchase which increases per customer spend.