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VyuFinder augments and empowers the customer experience in-store. 

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How it works

VyuFinder uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to allow a phone or shelf-mounted camera to recognise object packaging and labelling, and deliver digital content around it.

VyuFinder on a phone:

A customer can open the brand / retailer’s application, activating the camera, and having an in-store shopping experience that includes many of the benefits of ecommerce.

VyuFinder POS on a screen:

An in-store kiosk is fitted with a camera and display screen. When a customer utilises the kiosk to scan a product in-store, they begin their physical/digital shopping experience.

The customer shows the product to either camera setup outlined above. The product recognition device (phone or kiosk) will recognise the item, and a series of events can be triggered. This is where we begin to tie into the incredible power of ecommerce.

Once the phone or kiosk device has recognised the item it will search a digital database of relevant content. This content can include things like pairing recommendations (“these jeans pair well with…”, “this bag would go with…”), inventory in store, promotional information, allergy information, recipe inspiration, and more!      

All recognitions are managed by an online database updatable by the client.



What can it do for my business?

Visual Search will revolutionise customer engagement at point of sale, using the product to drive knowledge and engagement. With customers increasingly armed with a range of apps that give them access to online information from other brands it is essential that retailers hold their own Visual Search technology to ensure discovery remains within their product lineup.

VyuFinder allows retailers to:

  • Provide the level of enhanced information, recommendations, and inspiration found in ecommerce to customers in the brick and mortar retail environment to increase sales

  • Empower customers with education on a particular product, which increases likelihood of purchase at point of sale

  • Increase the likelihood of incidental product discovery, increasing the rate of upsell of complementary products




What you get in the box

VyuFinder Mobile

  • Software Plugin for iOS/Android mobile application

  • Directions on how to access your VyuFinder Web Interface (from Mid-2019)

  • Online Interface Login

VyuFinder POS

  • VyuFinder POS Hardware for screen installation

  • Software Plugin for VyuFinder POS

  • Operating instructions

  • Directions on how to access your VyuFinder Web Interface (from Mid-2019)

  • Online Interface Login

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